Led by Murshid Mariam Baker with husband & German musician Michael Ali

A rich canvas of activities for a smaller group than usual. It worked well with 20, a good dance circle and more time to share our thoughts. Mariam lets it flow rather than organize, her experience knows where it’s going for the group and how to orchestrate an outcome. Yes , there were less dances but generally my minimum of 3 per session!

It was a rich Sufi experience with wasifirs, 1001Tambo beads, authentic twirling and long soul meditations daily which were profound for me. I asked to be happy and came away singing in my soul as always happens. They are such a wonderful group, people I only see once a year, but with whom one can dance in a relaxed warmth of loving gestures, truly nourishing!

I feel fortunate to be able to Retreat with them. I may have felt so unspiritual that I could not see why I should go BUT as ever I came away with a heart on fire, feeling full of love. This morning there is no babbling brook to sing beside, I’m in Surfers with Silver and Geoff who turned 87 yesterday.

by Cedar Prest