Touch of Spirit on the Body

23-25 February 2018 – A Weekend of Dances of Universal Peace with Anahata Iradah at Moonah, Tasmania.

Touch of Spirit on the Body

Vast Silent Knowing

2-4 March 2018 – A Dances of Universal Peace Residential Retreat, one of deepening with Anahata Irahah in the Adelaide Hills

Vast Silent Knowing

Which wolf would you choose?

A day of Dances of Universal Peace with Anahata Iradah, on the story:

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me. It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil the other is good”

The grandson thought about it then asked, “Which wolf will win?”

The old Cherokee replied, “The one you feed.”

Miroma Steiner Centre, VaucluseSaturday 10 March 2018

Green Point Community CentreSunday 11 March 2018

In the footsteps of the Masters:
Annual DOUPA retreat 2018

Tuesday 17 to Sunday 22 April 2018 South Ballina NSW


Dear Dancers,

Inspired by our recent trip to the Jamiat Khas retreat in San Francisco, Arjuna and myself found ourselves immersed in the
footsteps of our Dance ancestors. We found that Murshid Sam was
recognized by eight different Sufi brotherhoods, was confirmed as a
Zen master, a Hassidic rabbi, a master of Yoga, a teacher of Christian
Scriptures and a member of the gnostic order of Christ. Phew! Then
there is the rich history of the women influential to the Dances as

Murshid Sam and all the others were dedicating the Dances of Peace
to the Temple of Understanding, and committed to provide a house  of prayer for all people.

We will have a rich program, woven by the different dance leaders,
which will include honoring :
1. the ancestors of the Dance
2. our own ancestors and
3. the ancestors of the land

We will use the creative arts to explore the effects of these on our
psyche and there will be various offerings exemplifying how the Dances create a house of prayer for all people.

Though we will be doing our retreat in school holidays, and may offer some dances for the children and holiday folk, the Buddha Shala Hall is quite separate from the rest of the village and has a meditation garden adjacent to it. The owners assure us that we will have a quiet space to do our work. There is no noise allowed after 10pm, and generally the village has been created to be a quiet space, for Buddhist , yoga retreats etc.

We also will carve out time for relaxation, to walk to the beach ,
wildlife reserve or river, to breathe, to be creative and to have

Food: To keep things simple we will all have our own breakfasts .
Every cabin has kitchenettes, and it will be easy to buy what you want in Ballina before you hop on to the ferry in one of the cars supplied by whoever is travelling by car, that is if you are going that way. Lunch, Dinner and dessert will be supplied by theVillage . The chef is multi talented so can do vegan,vegetarian etc . Please let me know your dietary needs.

If you have booked a cabin, let me know and also who will be sharing
with you and if you want others in with you. If you are on your own
check out for accommodation options, and you can be slotted into one of the cabins already booked, all things being well, To register let me know when you have made a deposit.

Remember to use the retreat account for your deposits, put your name and membership number, if you have it, against the deposit otherwise your name will do:

DOUPA BSB 112-879 Account 440 020 531

On with the Dance as a practice of spiritual embodiment…

Blessings, Zebunissa


Preliminary Notice

International Dance and Sufi teacher Murshid Allaudin Ottinger will be leading our Tasmanian Residential Winter Retreat, 8th -11th June (Queen’s Birthday) 2018 as part of his long-awaited Down Under Adventure.

A little bit of biography: Allaudin is a professional musician and is known as one of America’s best-loved leaders of the Dances of Universal Peace. He has facilitated camps, seminars and retreats around the world since 1979 and is a senior Dance mentor and teacher in the Sufi Ruhaniat International. “His exceptional musicianship, creativity and spontaneity are the seeds of ecstatic experiences of the transformational, healing power of the sacred arts.” After the acclaimed “In the Everywhere and Always”, a second CD of DUP & zikr is coming out in October.

AllaudinPlease register your interest with Nicky Crane Ph 0419 584 477

NB the dates are; Friday to Monday 8th-11th June, Queens Birthday weekend 2018. We plan for the 3-day event costs to begin around $350. Dormitary accomodation or camping. All meals are included by our wonderful cooks. Cosy wood fire.