Leilah Be Retreat 2013 Mana NZ


Many of us Aussie Dancers have become regulars at the NZ dance Camp  and the Mana retreat over the years.  Mana is such a deeply nurturing  space, whose equivalent  in Ozland, is still to be found, if it exists. This year  12 of us  attended the Leilah Be Mana retreat with 8 of us from Byron Bay, diving deeply into Divine Presence , under the skilful guidance of our beloved Murshida Leilah Be from Hawaii. We enjoyed beautiful warm weather where  back at home  the cyclones were howling!

We looked at the parts of ourselves that needed reconciling and forgiveness, we broke through new territory and  emptied out so we could live from the fullness of our radiance. We felt  a fuller measure of Divine Love  flowing  through us.

One of the things we covered is what to do when you have an aversion to someone. These steps were outlined:

  1. Have a strong wish for boddhicitta
  2. It’s natural to effort for peaceful abiding
  3. Have a deep longing to change the experience
  4. Give up the aversion and it will disappear.

We explored the attributes of God , from the book Physicians of the Heart as we looked at what does it mean to be truly human and how to  heal our wounded condition of abandonment and to cope with the above

Through acceptance and not resistance we can transform. We journeyed through many dances and zikrs as a vehicle for transformation, opening our devotional heart , making every breath our Lover. We gave ourselves and each other forgiveness and appreciation as we came into the centre of the Shalama Bayta dance, the Aramaic for “Peace upon  your household.” This was so deeply moving there was hardly a dry eye in the Dance space.

We experienced how the dances are a practice of Openness, which reveal our times of contraction and how in life we need the balance of both.

In spaciousness and gentleness, kindness and compassion we looked at it all, and felt ourselves coming to a deeper place of peace than we had known before. Alhamdullilah allah!

Although we seem to be in a world of song and dance, we are most concerned with peace on earth” – Sam









Spring Renewal – 2012

” Haere Mai Haere Mai” . The call came and we responded. Shafia Stephens and Wendy Hodder from New Zealand shared their Maori dances for a very special October long weekend 2012 at Karuna Blue mountains.- Tihei Mauri Ora – WALKING WITH THE ANCESTORS. Both had just returned from holding dance retreats in Germany, Latvia and England and we were very fortunate to have them come to Oz . It was a wildly woolly wind that wove it’s way through the weekend. We were told it was the Spirit of the Ancestors. They must have been pleased with their visit as it was a much calmer day when we were leaving.

During our time together we invoked our own individual ancestors, in a marae style meeting where everyone’ stories were heard and respected. Memories were awakened as well as a deep appreciation for the gifts of life that had been passed on to us. We also reflected on the gifts that we too would pass onto to the future generations. We closed our time together with a gift giving ritual The Dance we did ha dteh words “aroha mai aroha atu” Love from me to you , I give you a gift of love…

The retreat allowed our individual stories to be framed in the context of the whole of creation. We honoured our Earth Mother and Father Sky, Papa I Rangi , danced among the trees with Tane mahuta, danced the rivers with Te awa Tapu te awa pure, invoked our eternal spiritual parents with A I O Matuwa, A I O Wairua, and we journeyed to the void, the darkness from which the first dawn emanated with Te Kore Te Po.. The beautiful landscapeof the Mountains supported us and we danced outside when we could .

It was a great delight to have Khannah, Vajra and Asher join us along with 2 other children and a beautiful Spanish couple who were visiting. The children added a spontaneous mix of delight and effervescence to our dancing.

The marvels of technology are such that with my new iphone I was able to publish my first utube of one of the Dances for you all to enjoy. Participants gave permission and it was filmed at this Katoomba Spring Renewal Retreat

The Dance is Hei Atua HeiTangata Tamate Ra. Honouring the god/goddess in all of us our embodiment in human form, all rays of the one sun…fabulous dance that everyone enjoyed including the children . See the link below.

And talking of children It was a great delight to have Khannah, Vajra and Asher join us along with 2 other children and a beautiful Spanish couple who were visiting. The children added a spontaneous mix of delight and effervescence to our dancing.

Some of the 13 grandmothers, who were recently present and who held the energy for the Uplift Festival in Dec 2012 Byron Bay said that on order to envision a new future for our earth…we need to invest our energy into the children as they are our future and our hope”.

Zebunissa – Byron Bay